Welcome to the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul brand dog and cat food Preferred Breeder Clubs Awards Program!

This Awards Program is designed to help your club earn "Award Points" which can be redeemed for Vouchers for Dog and Cat Food.

A Special Bonus Just for Joining!
As a special bonus for joining our Preferred Breeder Clubs Awards Program we want you to start with 500 points. Points you can use toward any Preferred Breeder Clubs vouchers.

View Your Award Points Online
Members have the ability to view accumulated Award Points and monitor any special programs or incentives which could gain your club additional Award Points. You also have the ability to match your club’s Award Points to the products and services available...and award points can add up fast.

So, join the Preferred Breeders Club Awards Program and start receiving Awards Points, today!

Preferred Breeder Clubs Awards Program Eligibility and Award Points Rollover

Only individuals who are members of a breeder's club and breeder clubs are eligible to participate in the "Preferred Breeders Club" Awards Program.

Eligible individuals and breeder clubs meeting the required purchase(s) within 160 day intervals are eligible to roll-over points from a previous 160 day cycle. Individuals and clubs not meeting the minimum required purchase(s) within a 160 day cycle will forfeit all points for that 160 day buying cycle.

A 160 day buying cycle begins the day an individual's or breeder club's "Points Submittal Form" is received and runs consecutively until the program ends or an individual or breeder club is no longer eligible or an individual or breeder club withdraws from the program.

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